Too busy to change?

When is the right time to focus on growing yourself, your business or your team?  Often in today's busy environment we find ourselves in a position of running and chasing.  We run our children from here to there.  The cell phone rings or we get a message on our phone of something urgent and we take off in that direction.  i.e. The prospect needs a proposal right we go!

Do you want to lead or follow?  The Sandler System is non-traditional and teaches the sales person how to take the lead in the "Buyer/Seller dance."  In the traditional selling systems the buyers know the play and are leading.

If you were to ask yourself, "Do I want to double my business starting today or beginning at the end of the year?"  How would you answer yourself?

David Graham

We help initiate sustainable growth for local businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Developing a repeatable process, in sales or business development, professional development of your staff through coaching and one on one or group training. West Michigan training center, located in Grand Rapids, MI. I have over 20 years experience in sales, sales training and sales leadership. Forget B2B and B2C, selling to people requires the skill of understanding the person in front of you. When you can do that, you will sell more. If you would like to know more, please contact us.  Read more...

Did You Get Any Referrals Today?

Do you ask this question a hundred times a week? Should you? Read more...

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